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Holistic/Swedish Massage ~ £55 for 60 mins

This massage is one of the most popular massages requested. It uses long flowing strokes and a light or moderate pressure for a massage that is deeply relaxing, soothing and calming. Great for those who are really stressed out.

Deep Tissue Massage ~ £55 for 60 mins

The slow, deep strokes and firmer pressure of this massage allows for muscles and tissues to be worked more thoroughly. Ideal for very those with a lot of tension or tight and tense areas.

Sports & Remedial Massage ~ £55 for 60 mins

This is a more specific treatment for problematic areas using various sports massage techniques including deep tissue massage to really target problem areas. Typically, one area will be treated such as upper shoulders, lower back, hamstrings, pecs etc.

Aromatherapy Massage ~ £55 for 60 mins

A light to moderate massage that is gentle and relaxing. Long flowing strokes, acupressure and the use of pure essential oils are all utilised and tailored to your specific needs for a really lovely massage.

Pregnancy Massage ~ £55 for 60 mins

Pregnancy massage from 13+ weeks right up to delivery is soothing and relaxing. Specific pregnancy related conditions canbe eased such as SPD and back ache. Working on side lie ensures that this massage is really comfortable for mum to be.

Indian Head Massage ~ £35 for 30 mins and £45 for 45 mins

This seated massage is wonderful for those who hold a lot of tension and pressure in their head and upper body region. Using moderate and light strokes the scalp, face, upper shoulders, neck and upper arms are massaged to release tense muscles and tissues.

Reflexology ~ £55 for 60 mins

Using the premise that there is a map of the body on the feet, reflexes corresponding to different parts of the body are pressed, pulsed, rubbed and massaged in order to balance the body and bring it back to a state of equilibrium. Reflexology has infinite applications and works really well on ​ hormonal, digestive and stress related issues to name but a few. It is also very supportive for those with chronic illness and those receiving treatment for cancer.

Pre-conception Reflexology ~ £55 for 60 mins

Reflexology has been used successfully regulate cycles, balance irregularities and create the right conditions needed to conceive. A courseof treatments is recommended along with dietary and lifestyle optimisation to encourage conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Reflexology ~ £55 for 60 mins

This is a wonderful treatment for mum to be. Reflexes on the feet that correspond to different parts of the body are worked to ease specific pregnancy related issues such as SPD and heartburn as well as to induce a feeling of calm and relaxation. It has been documented that women who have regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancy have a significantly reduced labour and easier birth.

Reiki Healing ~ £55 for 60 mins

I have been using Reiki Healing for nearly 20 years but am hard pushed to say what it is and how it works. In the same way that we know that electricity exists when we plug in our appliances, scientists can only explain electricity in an abstract way. Reiki in that respect is similar and by ‘plugging in’ to this energy and by using hands on or slightly away from the body feelings of calm, relaxation and a state of peace are often felt. In this respect, Reiki is very nurturing, restorative and a deeply personal experience. Reiki is excellent for stress, chronic illness, post-surgery, cancer recovery, anxiety and depression to name but a few.

Hot Stone Massage ~ £70 for 60 mins

This luxury treatment uses heated basalt stones gently or firmly for a deeply relaxing massage. The hot stones can also be worked into tight knotty areas to melt away tension. Stones are very grounding and people often report feeling deeply calm and relaxed after a hot stone massage.

Lava Shell Massage ~ £75 for 60 mins

Tiger clam shells are warmed by using a very clever combination of minerals and saline solution. This creates a mini chemical reaction that means that these Lava shells stay hot for a whole hour or so. The use of long flowing strokes, moderate pressure and the heat of the shells provides a wonderful luxury massage. The shells can also be used to soften tight muscles. Lava Shell Massage has been voted the No1 spa treatment.

Angela Antoine Phone: 07788 257558

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Hannah Whitcombe      07901 882503       


Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage 45min for £50

Deep tissue or sports massage uses deeper and slower strokes to target deeper layers of tissue. Therefore, the therapeutic effects far exceed those associated with a relaxing alternative. A deep tissue massage reduces joint and muscle pain, helps correct poor posture, aids injury recovery, helps to reduce anxiety and improves sleep


Hannah Whitcombe Phone: 07901 882503

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